Attendance Procedures


For students in K-5 attendance will continue to be taken by teachers based on consistent forward progress in their FLVS courses. No action is required on the part of the student or parent.


Our full-time students are now required to complete a daily attendance “check in”. Each child in grades 6 -12 is required to check in on all school days, Monday through Friday, by simply clicking the green “I’m Present” button in their gradebook on VPortal. This is not the only means by which attendance will be taken as your child is also required to be on pace in their courses. 


  • A student that marks themselves present every weekday but is not making adequate progress will be marked absent by the teacher of the course.
  • A student that is making adequate progress but is not clicking the “I’m Present” button each weekday will be marked absent until the teacher is able to make the necessary adjustments.
  • A student is making adequate progress and is clicking the “I’m Present” button each weekday will NOT be marked absent. This is the scenario that we encourage and recommend.

Below is a video that walks through the process, visual click sheets that explain the process step by step, and a detailed information sheet regarding the attendance policy for next semester. 

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