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Testing Information

General Testing Information

ACT/SAT/CLT 2024-2025 Testing Information 

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To comply with s. 1008.22. F.S., and to maintain our viability as an education option for our students, Volusia Online Learning requires participation in all required state-mandated assessments. Testing dates are determined by the State of Florida and confirmed by the district. VOL cannot alter test dates. Parents/Guardians and secondary students will be provided specific dates and times for state-mandated testing in advance.  The student’s family is responsible for all transportation and other requirements related to attending the testing.  Families should expect to spend additional time at the test site for check-in, check-out, traveling time to and from the testing room, as well as testing site specific information that guarantee an optimal testing environment for all students.

All end of year, state-mandated tests (Progress Monitoring 3 & EOCs) are administered at the student’s zoned school. Students must attend testing in-person. The parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring transportation and adherence to other school-specific requirements/directions related to participation in state-mandated testing. The state only allows for remote testing for Progress Monitoring Assessments 1 and 2.

Staying on pace with course work, combined with attending live lessons, will help to ensure that students are prepared for testing.

  • Failure to attend state-mandated assessments as scheduled, or failure to follow test-site procedures resulting in dismissal from testing, may be grounds for revocation from VOL.



In the unique world of virtual school, electronic communication is essential. We ask our students and parents to check their emails regularly for testing information. Students’ invitations for testing will go to their email. You will receive specific information, registration link, practice test, and instructions that will help you navigate .


Important Steps to Follow:

***Please complete all of the below steps before taking the test(s) or the day of the test as applicable:

  1. VOL students are required to register for the test(s). Registrations close at 11:59 pm on the specified day (see table below and email communications).
  2. Students will be testing on their personal laptops.
  3. The FSA Secure Testing Browser must be downloaded onto the laptop you are using for testing, Browser Instructions
  4. You must bring the “testing ready laptop with the FSA Secure Testing Browser” to your zoned school the day of the test(s). Make sure it is charged and that you have your charger with you.
  5. Be on time the day of the test and report to the Main Office. From there, students will be directed to their testing rooms. They will then return to the Main Office for pick-up.
  6. You must sit through all parts of the tests to meet the requirements.
  7. As per the Volusia County School Board, masks are encouraged, but not mandatory.
  8. Make sure you have made transportation arrangements; this is the parent or guardian’s responsibility.


Testing Coordinator Information

Name Title Phone Email
Melissa Shaw

Elementary Testing



Ext. 33230

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Dr. Bonnie Markell

Secondary Testing



Ext. 72701

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