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3.5 Elementary Kindergarten Testing


Students enrolled in VOL will be required to participate in all state-mandated assessments, in accordance with Florida public school requirements. Per Florida Statute s. 1008.22, F.S., VOL requires student participation in all state-mandated testing. Failure to participate, failure to complete ALL required testing, or failure to follow test site procedures resulting in dismissal from testing, are grounds for dismissal from VOL. The tests are administered at the student’s zoned school of enrollment per Florida Statute and the student is responsible for all transportation and other requirements related to attending the testing. VOL will work with the student and the zoned school of enrollment to arrange testing dates and times.

*Please note, the tests cannot be administered online remotely. They are administered in person only, so families must provide their students with transportation to the zoned school. VOL students failing to participate in standardized testing will not be allowed to continue enrollment with VOL.

Florida state testing is completed during state testing windows. VOL students will be provided with a specific testing date, time, and location for each required test. Families do not have the ability to choose a date within the state outlined testing window. Families will be provided with the date, arrival time, location, and expected length of test for their student's assessment. Families should expect to spend additional time at the test site for check-in, check-out, traveling time to and from the testing room, as well as testing site specific information that guarantee an optimal testing environment for all students. 

For information about the 2022-2023 testing schedule, please visit the Florida Department of Education website

** Staying on pace in the course work, combined with attending live lessons and small group sessions, will help prepare students for FSA testing.

Discussion Based Assessments (DBAs) and Literacy Skill Assessments (LSAs) are an opportunity for the student and teacher to discuss the course material up to that given point. This allows the teacher to assess the current level of understanding. Teachers work to make this an engaging opportunity for students, so they feel comfortable showing what they know and interacting with course material. DBAs and LSAs are completed on a 1:1 basis between the student and teacher using the Zoom platform. DBAs and LSAs are a mandatory part of each course. If a DBA or LSA has not been completed, then a grade of I (or NG for Kindergarten and Special area) will be assigned regardless of grade earned on coursework. Course DBA/LSA requirements and DBA/LSA schedule may vary based on subject area and teacher.

Virtual courses require students to take Proctored Assessments.  A proctored assessment is one that is overseen by an individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an assessment.  The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the assessment process.  In a virtual setting, the proctor is typically the parent/guardian, learning coach, or teacher.  It is an expectation that all VOL course assessments are proctored.  VOL may, at its discretion, require a teacher proctored assessment for any student on a situational basis.