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2.2 Kindergarten Communication

Communication is a key element to the success of the parent- teacher and student- teacher relationship. Parents, students and teachers will discuss student progress at minimum one time per month.  For this reason, it is imperative that parents provide VOL and their child’s teacher with accurate contact information. In a virtual setting, teachers will communicate via email, phone, and text messages.  Students will be required to participate in Discussion Based Assessments with their teachers.

Regardless of the method used, two-way communication is a key component of virtual school success. If lack of communication with the parent or learning coach becomes a barrier to student achievement, a face-to-face conference with administration will be required and student may be removed from Volusia Online Learning.

Throughout the school year the VOL staff will need to contact you.  We may reach out about school-wide events, to solicit feedback from students and parents, or to schedule meetings pertaining to your child's education. Often, the communication will come directly from your child's teacher. Our goal is that our teachers and the parent/guardian or learning coach are partners that work closely together to ensure success during your child's educational journey. 

In order to ensure that VOL families are well informed, it is required that:

  • All parents/guardians must maintain correct and current contact info with VOL teachers and school.
  • All VOL written communication (email, text, paper document) be read and acknowledged in a timely manner.
  • All parent/guardians must respond to communication from VOL teachers and school in a timely manner.