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1.5 Kindergarten District Aligned

School Calendar

VOL follows the VCS district school calendar. VOL students have access to their online courses 24/7, even during school holidays and breaks. This allows our students to work at any time. Parents will also have 24 hour access to student course progress and grades.

The first and last day of school for students as shown below, will also be the first and last day of course access for VOL students. VOL also adheres to the VCS calendar for grade reporting purposes.  All coursework must be completed by the end of the each quarter.

Please visit School Calendars for the most up to date calendar as published by Volusia County Schools.

2022-2023 School Calendar (as of 12/2021)

August 9 (Tuesday) Preplanning Begins – Teachers Report
August 15 (Monday) First Day of School for Students
September 5 (Monday) Labor Day Holiday
September 19 (Monday) Professional Development Day/Student Holiday
October 17 (Monday) Teacher Duty Day/Student Holiday
November 11 (Friday) Veterans Day Holiday
November 21 (Monday) Thanksgiving Holiday Begins
***November 21 and 22 will be used as makeup days for inclement weather if needed***
November 28 (Monday) Classes Resume
December 16 (Friday) Teacher Duty Day/Student Holiday
December 19 (Monday) Winter Holiday Begins
January 3 (Tuesday) Classes Resume
January 16 (Monday) Martin Luther King’s Birthday Holiday
March 10 (Friday) Teacher Duty Day/Student Holiday
March 13 (Monday) Spring Holiday Begins
March 20 (Monday) Classes Resume
April 17 (Monday) Teacher/Student Holiday
May 29 (Monday) Memorial Day Holiday
June 2 (Friday) Last Day of School for Students
June 6 (Tuesday) Last Day of School for Teachers


Course Completion Requirements

VOL courses are made up of lessons, which are grouped into units or modules. Within each unit/module are quizzes and other smaller assessments. All required lessons, assessments, and Discussion-Based Assessments (DBAs) must be completed for a course to be considered complete.

Student mastery of the course material is the goal of VOL.  Consistent submission of assessments will ensure the student is engaged and learning. This policy provides students the opportunity to receive ongoing feedback and remediation while demonstrating their learning through several required checkpoints.

As a means of ensuring comprehension and integrity, each course contains assignments that are designated to be completed verbally, during a discussion between the teacher and student. A student who does not complete and pass the DBAs in his/her course is ineligible for course credit.


Physical Education Requirements and Waivers

The State of Florida mandates that all students in Grades K-5 must be scheduled for 150 minutes of physical education each week, and students in Grades 6- 8 must be scheduled for one class period per day of physical education for at least one semester of each year. The requirement may be waived for students who are participating in physical activities outside the school day which are equal to or in excess of the mandated requirement. 

  • In order to waive the grade level physical education requirements for any students, a VCS “Physical Education Annual Waiver Form” must be completed by the student’s parent/guardian and submitted during the course selection/registration window.
  • A new waiver form must be completed and submitted each year for the requirements to be waived.

Since all students must have 6 courses on their schedule, when a PE waiver is submitted, the student’s PE course will be removed, and a replacement course will be assigned.

Physical education waivers are not available for students in Grades 9-12.