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1.2 Kindergarten Pros and Cons of Online Instruction

What are the Pros of Taking an Online Course? 

  • Flexible schedule. 
  • Adjustable pacing.
  • Convenience and freedom to access course at any time and from anywhere.
  • Use internet skills. 
  • The comfort of working at home with parents’ assistance and support. 
  • Can review materials and course work with parents. 
  • Parents have the opportunity to be actively involved in their student’s education. 
  • Parents serve as the learning “coach” and will be able to oversee instruction. 
  • Available individualization offered may be a valuable asset. 
  • Non-threatening atmosphere; reduces stress; less anxiety or worry. 
  • Can learn to be more focused, self-motivated, independent, and/or disciplined. 

What are the Cons of Taking an Online Course?

  • Lack of face-to-face and personal contact with instructor. 
  • Requires access to computer and Internet. 
  • Technical Problems (including computer, server, network, power). 
  • Requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline, self-motivation, time-management and organization skills to be successful. 
  • Technical/computer literacy and keyboarding /typing skills are required. 
  • Communication, directions, or discussions may be unclear or more difficult. 
  • There may be a lack of immediate assistance from an online teacher. 
  • Distractions and interruptions; hard to focus on work. 
  • May become overwhelmed or confused. 
  • Limits certain kinds of class instruction (modeling, demonstrations, spontaneous interactions). 
  • Physical problems: stiff neck, headache, lack of movement. 
  • The degree of socialization is far less than what is found in traditional schools. 
  • Parents must have the time to devote to the virtual school experience; they will have an extensive role as the learning “coach.”