Faculty and Staff

Volusia Online Learning Faculty & Staff Group Photo

Administration Team

  • Image of Susy Peterson

    Susy Peterson

    School Principal
  • picture of christa chapple

    Christa Chapple

    Volusia Online Specialist
  • picture of Bo


    Administrative Support Dog
  • picture of mary temarantz

    Mary Temarantz

    Information Systems Analyst
  • picture of emily coppa

    Emily Coppa

    User Support Analyst II
  • picture of deb harnett

    Deb Harnett

  • Debra Bozeman

    Debra Bozeman

    Office Specialist
  • Majorie Fagan

    Majorie Fagan


Guidance Counselors

  • picture of rachael mcqueen-jacob

    Rachael McQueen-Jacob

  • picture of vicky hamlin

    Vicki Hamlin


Special Area Teachers

  • picture of leanne krafft

    Leanne Krafft

    Physical Education Teacher
  • picture of yvette lescano

    Yvette Lescano

    Spanish Teacher


  • picture of amychalfant

    Amy Chalfant

    K-5 Teacher
  • picture of chanda larson

    Chanda Larson

    Math Teacher
  • picture of denise girard

    Denise Girard

    Science Teacher
  • picture of gina connelly

    Gina Connelly

    Science Teacher
  • picture of irene yeats

    Irene Yeats

    English Teacher
  • picture of jade brim

    Jade Brim

    Math Teacher
  • picture of jeff chapple

    Jeff Chapple

    Science Teacher
  • picture of jennie felix

    Jennie Felix

    English Teacher
  • picture of jen algard

    Jennifer Algard

    Math Teacher
  • picture of leah lucas

    Leah Lucas

    English Teacher
  • picture of linda colandrea

    Linda Colandrea

    English/Social Studies
  • picture of mariana bianco

    Mariana Bianco

    Math Teacher
  • picture of sarah gonzalez

    Sarah Gonzalez

    Social Studies Teacher
  • picture of sydney jenkins

    Sydney Jenkins

    Math Teacher
  • picture of valencia robinson

    Valencia Robinson

    English Teacher
  • picture of vander outlaw

    Vander Outlaw

    Social Studies Teacher
  • picture of wendy scorpio

    Wendy Scorpio

    K-5 Teacher