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Home Education

Volusia Online Learning offers educational solutions for all home education situations. 

Choose the VOL solution that best fits your family and desired educational outcomes!

Looking for a rigorous, structured path to a high school diploma and beyond? Give Full-time VOL a try!

At Full-time VOL, students are exposed to a high-quality college and career curriculum. Clubs and extra-curricular activities. Allow students to enjoy all the perks of a traditional school from the safety and security of their home.

Full-time students take a minimum of 6 courses and work their way to a high school diploma.

Looking to maximize flexibility without sacrificing quality? Give Part-time VOL a try!

At Part-time VOL, parents have flexibility and control over where and when school happens. This allows families time to enjoy other activities such as travel, sports, hobbies, and medical appointments without falling behind.

Part-time students can take up to 6 courses and receive guidance on academic offerings that are required to earn a high school diploma.

Choose the VOL solution that best fits your family and desired educational outcomes!

*For VOL homeschoolers, parents are in charge of their students’ home education program, which must comply with Florida home education statutes, including annual evaluation requirements (Florida Statute 1002.41).