Eligible students who choose to be full-time virtual students take all of their classes from home rather than the traditional brick and mortar school while residing in Volusia County. The district offers its students a full-time virtual program option for kindergarten through twelfth grade through our partnership with three online providers. Once admitted, students may receive the use of a computer and assistance toward Internet access if there is none available in the home AND the student qualifies for the free/reduced lunch program.


Parent/Student Commitment to a Full-Time Virtual Program

A critical factor to successful virtual learning for any student is the involvement and support of the Learning Coach.

Virtual school allows the Learning Coach and student more flexibility than you would find in a traditional school. However, Volusia Online Learning has specific expectations for student behavior and participation in addition to those set forth in the VCS Code of Student Conduct. Virtual school students will not learn unless they are in a safe and secure learning environment. The parent/guardian is solely responsible for student safety and security. Younger students should never be left at home alone during the school day and older students should be left alone only for limited amounts of time.  

The Learning Coach's level of involvement will vary based on the student’s grade and level of independence.  It is recommended that you follow the guidelines below regarding assistance for students by grade level:

Elementary School Assistance level: The parent/legal guardian or designated representative (Learning Coach) will need to provide substantial support to the student throughout the school day and should be with the student physically all day.

Middle School Assistance level: The parent/legal guardian or designated representative (Learning Coach) should be available to provide assistance to the student as needed throughout the day. The parent should be in the same general location all day, but may not need to be with the student at all times, depending on the student.

High School Assistance level: Students are expected to perform their schoolwork independently in high school. However, a parent/legal guardian or designated representative (Learning Coach) must still monitor progress and ensure that the student completes required course work. While students may not need constant adult supervision, they must still be in a safe and secure environment.

The Learning Coach accepts the responsibility of supervising the student and ensuring that all work is completed and submitted.

Learning Coaches who consistently fail to meet these responsibilities will be required to return their student to their zoned school. This includes monitoring student grades and attendance, participating in monthly call requirements, providing transportation to the student for face to face learning sessions and testing, and attendance at student conferences.

Need a Computer?

Questions? Send an email to volusiaonlinelearning-devices@volusia.k12.fl.us

Need Internet Access?

Questions? Send an email to volusiaonlinelearning-devices@volusia.k12.fl.us

Choosing a Provider

Volusia Online Learning offers three virtual school options to provide content and instruction for district students wishing to enroll in full-time virtual school. Click on the icons below to learn more about each provider.

  Volusia Online Learning Stride (formerly K12) Pasco eSchool
Grade Level K-12 K-12 K-5
Student receives diploma from zoned Volusia County School Yes Yes N/A
Student assigned a Volusia County School counselor Yes Yes Yes
Curriculum aligned to FL standards Yes Yes Yes
Company provides quality instruction, intervention, and tutoring Yes Yes Yes
All teachers are FL certified Yes Yes Yes
All teachers are background checked Yes Yes Yes
Student takes standardized tests at his/her zoned school Yes Yes Yes
Students must log in daily for attendance Yes Yes Yes
Students must adhere to an academic integrity policy Yes Yes Yes
Regular communication between the virtual teachers/staff and the family Yes Yes Yes
Parent is the "instructional coach" Yes Yes Yes
Volusia County teachers available for tutoring, remediation, and acceleration. Yes No No
NCAA Approved Yes No N/A




To learn more about each provider, please click on the icon.

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