Career and Technical Education (CTE)

On the Job Training (OJT)

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is the student’s release time from the school campus when a student is authorized to leave school early and report to his/her training site. It is a component of a cooperative education program that enables students to apply classroom instruction to their training site experiences.
OJT Guidelines - student must agree to the following:

  • OJT students must be employed (on the payroll) at a company that carries workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage.
  • OJT students are required to participate in meetings with OJT Coordinator throughout the school year.
  • OJT students are required to turn in provided OJT timecards on the 1st Monday of the following month.
  • OJT students may not change jobs or leave their current job without prior authorization.
  • OJT students must regularly attend all in-school classes to remain in the program.
  • OJT students must be at least 16 and have available transportation to be OFF-campus for OJT periods.

Required Grade Level: Junior (11) and Senior (12) only
Enrollment in VOL: Full Time (7023) or Part Time (7006)

Minimum Work Hours:

Credit(s) Earned 

Work Hours Required Weekly (for 36 weeks) 

OJT Release Period(s) 

5 hours 

1 Period 

10 hours 

2 Periods 

15 hours 

3 Periods 

Last Day to Add (Must have Training Agreement and Training Plan signed and completed.)
Fall Semester – September 17th 
Spring Semester – December 16th

OJT Forms Request

For more information contact: Mr. Scarborough


Can a student be self-employed?
No, a student must have an employer and supervisor for their training site. Contract work and self-employment do not fit the definition of On-The-Job Training. Students also must be paid in accordance to Federal and State Guidelines.